Combat freedom in Frontlines: Fuel of War game preview GHOST RECON SENT YOU SCRABBLING for cover. Battlefi eld 2 fl ung you whooping from it. Frontlines: Fuel of War wants to pitch you somewhere in between. “Our aim is to balance fast-paced cinematic intensity with strategy,” says Kaos Studios lead designer Frank DeLise, conjuring visions […]

Far Cry Instincts

game review: You’re Jack Carver, stranded on a remote tropical island. A legion of elite mercenaries equipped with a military stockpile is rapidly closing in. Outmanned and outgunned, your survival won’t come easy. Only with skill, instincts and ingenuity can you conquer the enemy and make it out alive. In the open-ended tropical environment, discover […]


game review: Set in a parallel world between our world in the 19th century and a prehistoric world, where warring tribes and dinosaurs rule, ParaWorld immerses players in a real-time strategy game. Armed with devastating weapons, commanding powerful fighting dinosaurs and controlling up to fifty units, players go into battle in gripping single-player and multiplayer […]

Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy

game review: In this new addition to the Jedi Knight series, players can immerse themselves in the role of a young student of the Jedi arts. Begin by creating a custom character to train with, undergo missions, and participate in multiplayer battles. Construct your own lightsaber, and choose your own fighting style, such as single […]

Company Of Heroes – HAMACHI SERVER

(Company Of Heroes NO CD KEY SERVER) game review, games HAMACHI SERVERS GermanyName: cohnetworks1Pass: coh ItalyName: Company Of Heroes CarnagePass: moschetto FranceName: Cohof francePass: 123 SloveniaName: CohkickassPass: 123 European UnionName: PLAY COHPass: coh European UnionName: diominkPass: diomink Server NAME : Generals:CC-10PASS : 1234 server 2Name:companyofheroes1PASS:companyofheroes HAMACHI DOWNLOAD & guide