Clock Tower Collection

Clock Tower I

The Good
Freaking everything! The presentation is great, the graphics while, not perfect, do set the mood, the music is catchy, and the sounds creepy and awesome. Scissorman is like the best evil villain around in a video game, the game is incredibly scary, without the huge amounts of blood and gore, don’t get me wrong there is blood and gore in it, but not a whole lot. The controls couldn’t be any simpler, use the directional pad to move the mouse, and the X-button to select stuff on the screen, so easy, even your little sister could do it. There is excellent re-play value, there are 10 endings, 5 for Jennifer, and 5 for Helen, there is 3 secondary characters to play as, Gotts, Nolan, and Barton for the prologue, plus scissorman is random, so you never know what he is up to next, my favorite thing about it.

Clock Tower II

Clock Tower II is a point and click horror adventure for PSX which tries to combine action elements into the proceedings. As a teenager with a split personality, you must solve the mystery surrounding your family and yourself while being stalked by zombies, a psycho with a machette and a little girl with a butcher knife.

Clock Tower III

Clock Tower 3’s movie portions are stronger than the gameplay that underpins them, and the result is a game that you’ll probably want to finish more for its storyline than for the fun you’ll have actually playing it.

By: Capcom, SunSoft
Genre: Horror Action Adventure
Release Date: Mar 18, 2003 (more)
Players: 1 Player (tech info)

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