Mdk 1

game review: The myteriously-titled MDK (It really doesn’t stand for anything but MDK) is a third-person 3d shoot-em-up from Shiny, the makers of Earthworm Jim. God knows the story, but then you really don’t need to; this is an arcade blaster through and through.

You play Kurt Hectic, who I’m told is a caretaker in a rubber suit. Don’t ask. It’s your job to parachutedown from your satellite base onto alien “minecrawlers”, giant tank-thingies which are set to wipe out various cities in a set time. The game doesn’t end if you don’t end the level in time, but you’ve always got ample time to complete it. Armed with minigun and one of the smartest sniper rifles I’ve seen in a computer game yet, you drop in avoiding missiles to work your way through the arena-based tank to eventually defeat the boss. It’s linear, but the massive (and I do mean massive) arenas make up for it.

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