Evil Islands Curse of the Lost Soul

game info: From the creators of the Rage of Mages series (Allods in Europe) comes Evil Islands (formerly known as Allods 3: Redemption), where you play as a hero in the mysterious world of Allods and take on non-linear quests in a rich, fully 3D complex fantasy world, as you attempt to uncover the mysteries around the islands in a test of wits, ability to make the right decisions, and solve massive problems with small force.

Publisher: Fishtank Interactive
Developer: Nival Interactive
Platform: PC · Genre: RPG
Release Date: 04/16/01 · Origin: Russia

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IGN.com 04/20/2001 8.7 /10 8.7
GamePro 04/16/2001 4.5 /5 9.0
Adrenaline Vault (Avault) 04/16/2001 3.5 /5 7.0

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