Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Review

I’m Pro Evolution Soccer regular player since version 1 when menus ware just a simple group of text lines. Before PES the game was know as ISS…. Konami always builded a solid and real soccer simulator, keeping that in mind all the time, the versions released until this PES6 only have the gameplay inside the four lines as the primary target “forgetting” other stuff as Fifa have.

That lack of info outside the green carpet never made me return to Fifa again, after starting the first match in PES we get hooked to the game, usualy it takes 1 to 3 hours to beginners to start feeling and learn the gameplay, after that experience isn’t easy to search for other soccer title, PES is the soccer king. Even after years and large hours playing, its dificult to get the same movement or goals repeated. Each player lot of settings, body and mind, all that can change that player evolution in the field and so the team behaviour.

PS3 version 7 to release in October is of course expected to be move the line up with added player animations, updated players/teams and so much more stuff outside the lines.

About all, gameplay, ball physics, graphics, perfect… a game we must have.

Verdict: 90/100

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