Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent Review (Not the best in the series, but a good, solid title)

I’ve played every title in the Splinter Cell series, with the exception
of the newest title, Conviction. This title is the fourth in the
series, being preceded by Splinter Cell (SC1), SC: Pandora Tomorrow
(SCPT/SC2), and SC: Chaos Theory (SCCT/SC3). This is my least favorite
story/title in the series, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. I would
rate my order of preference as SC3, SC1, SC2, and then SC4. If you
consider purchasing Chaos Theory (SC3/SCCT) however, be sure to read my

This title uses a modified version of the Unreal 2.5
engine, and can be a little taxing on some systems. On the plus side,
I’m running Windows 7 64-bit beta, and this game runs just fine on that

In this title you return to the scene as Samuel “Sam” Fisher,
expert at stealth and espionage, star agent for the NSA’s “Third
Echelon”. The game begins where Chaos Theory ends, and you start off
being flown to an arctic facility where you are to investigate
“suspicious activities”. In this mission you are working with a rookie
agent named John Hodge. This mission ends in a less-than-optimal
fashion, and is quickly followed up with a cut-scene involving sad news
on a personal level for our man Sam. After this the game REALLY begins.
The story takes you through a fairly high energy ride involving
professional and personal losses, prison break, secret agendas,
betrayals, nuclear chemistry, and story defining decisions.

Agent adds a few new game-play mechanics to the series, and it is
HIGHLY recommended that you utilize the training exercises before
beginning the story, even if you’re a veteran SC player. Like Chaos
Theory before it, Double Agent provides cooperative two-player missions
which make references to the single player storyline, and are also
referenced BY the single player story. The multiplayer VERSUS version
of this game restricts the spy player more that previous titles, and was
not as widely accepted as the versions in SCPT or SCCT.

All in all this is a sound addition to the Splinter Cell series, and I highly recommend it.

Verdict: 80/100

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