Don’t Get Angry! 2

Pc game / game features: Finally they’re back! Here’s the sequel of the most successful digital realisation of the popular classic board game -this time completely in awesome 3D style! Choose your team and role the dice against up to three friends or smart computer opponents in a merciless match!

Scurrile characters, funny gimmicks und unique bonus weapons will assure you ultimative gaming pleasure and effective laughing fits: coil springs, mysterious crates, explosive belts, sleeping pills, vitamin injections and “Cages of Insanity” will bring sudden turns, good or bad luck. Use the “Pliers of Power”, deposit mines, trigger air strikes or use the mighty power of nasty flatulences to knock out opponent teams!
Many customizable settings, adjustable game speed, four different field layouts, various 3D scenarios, multiplayer mode, many unique board designs and numerous gags will bring you many diversified games! A thrilling and funny game for lone warriors, hobby heroes, aunts, uncles and the whole family!
Up to four players, either human or computer opponents
Hot-seat mode (up to four players on one computer)
Multiplayer mode via LAN or Internet
Ten scurrile teams to choose
Detailed 3D scenarios
Requires 45 MB of hard disk storage only!

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