Daemon Vector

PC game / Type: Action-Adventure Reality Factor:Fantasy Perspective:Third-Person Blood Level:Bloody Age: Historic description: ‘Daemon Vector’ offers the player an all action adventure which is graphically gorgeous and Lexicon are hoping the price point will encourage UK retail to support the product. Superb combos, online scoring, free camera adjustment and loads of weapon upgrades with breathtaking […]

Settlers 3

PC game / Control the full cycle of your civilization’s evolution, from the initial planning and building of its infrastructure, to the full-blooded conflict of race against race in the quest to expand your power and domination in this strategy title. Before you start conquering your neighbors, however, you’ll first need to create a sustainable […]


PC game / At its peak, the Roman Empire encompassed most of Europe and North Africa. Praetorians focuses on military combat between three civilizians: Romans, Barbarians (Gauls, Germanics, Celts) and Egyptians. The only resource that is managed are troops that can be recruited and trained from captured villages. Through fighting, units also become more seasoned, […]