PC game / unravel the evil plan of Silver and his henchmen. Silver also seeksto find 8 mystical orbs scattered throughout Jarrah… But for what? Answers must be sought… Silver is aided in his evilness by his son Fuge, Daughter Glass,and various other henchmen and even more ‘draconic’ helpers. You’ll have to battle them all to rescue Jennifer.

Wonderful Game

Donkey Kong 64

game info: The game is a 3D adventure (windows) with great graphics and strong platforming on your pc. (Tiny Kong) Players can control all five Kongs in (pc7vista) eight individual levels as well as a greater (windows) worldmap, a multiplayer mode, (windows) and several minigames.

Game Details:
Platform: N64/ Playable on PC
Genre: Action
Styles: 3D Platform
Developer:Rare Ltd.
Release: Nov 23, 1999

Similar Game: Mario 64

Jade Empire

PC game / Jade Empire is set in a mythic version of ancient China, at a time when a parallel world of darkness and chaos threatens to cross over into the realm of the living. Players initially choose from a selection of predefined characters, each with a name, background, and distinct skill set. They will then be able to gradually shape their character’s fighting style from over 30 different types, from martial arts to weapons-based combat to even magic. Combat is performed in real-time from a third-person perspective, with players able to pause the game to execute specific commands during the fighting sequences.

Body, mind, and spirit are the three primary attributes inherent in each character, and over time mastery over these guiding forces allows players to transform into a terra-cotta warrior, fox, or ghoul, respectively. No matter which character is selected at the onset, players will be able to hold court in a base of operations called the stronghold, where they can practice specific techniques, store acquired relics or mementos, and even build a flying ship in the shape of a dragonfly. Though the game follows the path of one character instead of a party, players can earn “followers” to their cause who will remain at the stronghold to be assigned tasks that will help influence the story.

The Special Edition features improvements in graphic resolutions and additional visual effects, enemies, and fighting styles. An exclusive art book is bundled with the game as well.

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

PC game / Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is the action-packed expansion to the 2006
RPG hit, Titan Quest. Brian Sullivan, award-winning co-creator of Age of Empires and Titan Quest, continues the epic story across the dark and more sinister Underworld of Hades. In this epic quest of good versus evil, players will encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology,
brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. Along with new foes, players will find new allies. Players will interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus to defeat powerful enemies.

10 Additional Character Levels – allows players to bring existing and new characters to new heights, along with higher level equipment and skills
8 New Character Classes – The expansion pack features an entirely new skill mastery, which combines with existing skill masteries to create eight new exciting character classes.

New Exotic Monsters and Locations – Quest through exotic locations in the Mediterranean area and ultimately descend across the river Styx into the heart of Hades. Defeat terrifying new monsters on your way to victory!

Artifacts – A new type of rare equipment with a new slot on the character interface gives the player character a powerful bonus. Enchanters – A new type of NPC character that can create artifacts from recipes.

Caravans – Traveling NPCs will meet you in major cites throughout the ancient world, storing your most precious goods, and allowing you to transfer them between your characters More Unique Equipment – Uncover hundreds of powerful new unique items as you quest through the Underworld of Hades.

Sims 2 Seasons

PC game Designed as a completely new concept for Will Wright’s claim to fame, Sims 2: Seasons allows players to guide their characters through life while watching their world change around them. With such weather effects as snow, thunderstorms, and hailstorms, Sims can sing in the rain or get struck by lightning. Each season comes with a variety of activities, skills, and clothing to prepare each Sim for the elements outside their home. In the Spring, gamers may begin planting their garden and then tend to it during the summer until Fall harvest.

Sims can play in the leaves, chase fireflies, and have snowball fights. Sims are affected by the changing of the seasons and can also experience frostbite, a sunburn, and allergies. To combat these unsavory seasonal effects, players can adorn their avatars in earmuffs, gloves, sundresses, winter coats, and raincoats. Sims 2: Seasons ships with six additional careers to follow including journalism, gaming, adventures, law, education, and music. Reward items and skill building objects are included to help Sims gain the necessary skills to advance in their chosen career.

Akuji the Heartless

summary: Akuji the Heartless is played from a third person  (win7) perspective and built on the Gex: Enter the Gecko engine. (windows) Features: Slice and dice enemies with our retractable claws, (windows) Channel mystical powers such as the hell blast and spirit strike, (winvista) Battle through 13 3D worlds

Game Details:
Platform: Psx, Playable on PC
Genre: Action
Styles: Third-Person 3D Action-Adventure
Developer:Crystal Dynamics
Publisher:Eidos Interactive
Release: 1998

God of War III PC Version

God of War III is an action-adventure video game. Based on Greek mythology, the game focuses on protagonist Kratos, and forms part of a saga (the sixth chapter in the God of War series) with vengeance as a central theme. Kratos and his initial allies, the Titans, storm Mount Olympus in an attempt to kill Zeus and the Olympian Gods. Playable on PC by Emulator


Warpath is a fast-paced, futuristic first-person shooter in the tradition of Unreal Tournament, where three races are locked in a bitter struggle for control of a utopian planet named Kaladi. Players will be able to choose a heavily armored soldier from the Ohm, Kovos, or Coalition races as they attempt to conquer contested territories for strategic purposes. Eight weapons are available in the game, ranging from twin-barreled assault rifles to explosive rocket launchers, each of which can be upgraded for added firepower. Also available are three different land vehicles that can be used to traverse the 3D battlefields and to blast anything foolish enough to stray in their path. Online multiplayer support is also included via LAN or Internet for up to 16 combatants. Four modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Frontline Assault, all playable on a choice of 25 maps from various locales across the planet.

City Life World Edition

PC game / In City Life: World Edition, you must build your city, zone for construction, and bring in taxes, but it doesn’t end there. The twist that makes City Life different from other metropolis planning games is the importance placed upon the different people living in the city. Instead of an overall “good” or “bad” rating from the general population, City Life features six different classes of citizens to keep happy.

All six, ranging from the “have-nots” to the “elite” have specific needs and wants to be satisfied. The “have-nots” may be more interested in simple things such as a shopping center and a school, while the wealthier classes might want more extravagant facilities like airports and art museums. Placing a neighborhood of “well-to-do”s next to a neighborhood of “do-nothings” could cause a riot, or other unpleasant occurrences.

The game offers two modes of play: “Sandbox” and “Campaign.” “Sandbox” sets up an open environment where you can build everything your heart desires, while “Campaign” mode requires you to complete mission objectives to move onto the next challenge. Each objective has three conditions for victory. download rapidshare megaupload sendspace torrent