Jade Empire

PC game / Jade Empire is set in a mythic version of ancient China, at a time when a parallel world of darkness and chaos threatens to cross over into the realm of the living. Players initially choose from a selection of predefined characters, each with a name, background, and distinct skill set. They will then be able to gradually shape their character’s fighting style from over 30 different types, from martial arts to weapons-based combat to even magic. Combat is performed in real-time from a third-person perspective, with players able to pause the game to execute specific commands during the fighting sequences.

Body, mind, and spirit are the three primary attributes inherent in each character, and over time mastery over these guiding forces allows players to transform into a terra-cotta warrior, fox, or ghoul, respectively. No matter which character is selected at the onset, players will be able to hold court in a base of operations called the stronghold, where they can practice specific techniques, store acquired relics or mementos, and even build a flying ship in the shape of a dragonfly. Though the game follows the path of one character instead of a party, players can earn “followers” to their cause who will remain at the stronghold to be assigned tasks that will help influence the story.

The Special Edition features improvements in graphic resolutions and additional visual effects, enemies, and fighting styles. An exclusive art book is bundled with the game as well.

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