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Feb 4, 2007

Resident Evil 4 (Bio Hazzard 4)

MINIMUM REQUIMENTS 1.4GHzCPU, 256mb RAM. 761 hard drive. 128 mb video..

year:07 - review:
How's this for scary: a PC game, released in 2007, with zero mouse support. None. So the one thing you might hope to get from the PC port of Capcom's brilliant Resident Evil 4 is the one thing you don't get. Bravo! Way to miss the point of a PC port! On the other hand, the game is brilliant—one of the best survival-horror games ever made—so if you didn't play the console versions, it's worth it. as long as you have a gamepad or don't mind using just the keyboard. The higher-res graphics are great, too, which makes blowing the heads off zombies that much cooler.


Anonymous said...

intel celron 1gb aprox total memory 265 can play res4

Anonymous said...

whats your graphics card

vaibhav wandre said...

most action,horror and survivor game.

sparial02 said...

i have played it more than 30 times...i finished it 2 hours 37 min which is my personal record...this is one of the best game ever and i love this game....

Anonymous said...

i finished it with the help of my friend he solved all the puzzles

Vinoth Kumar said...

i like the game

wajid aligarh said...

i was installed but its working stopped while play this game

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