Resident Evil 4 (Bio Hazzard 4)

MINIMUM REQUIMENTS 1.4GHzCPU, 256mb RAM. 761 hard drive. 128 mb video..

year:07 – review: How’s this for scary: a PC game, released in 2007, with zero mouse support. None. So the one thing you might hope to get from the PC port of Capcom’s brilliant Resident Evil 4 is the one thing you don’t get. Bravo! Way to miss the point of a PC port! On the other hand, the game is brilliant—one of the best survival-horror games ever made—so if you didn’t play the console versions, it’s worth it. as long as you have a gamepad or don’t mind using just the keyboard. The higher-res graphics are great, too, which makes blowing the heads off zombies that much cooler.

7 thoughts on “Resident Evil 4 (Bio Hazzard 4)”

  1. i have played it more than 30 times…i finished it 2 hours 37 min which is my personal record…this is one of the best game ever and i love this game….

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