Sims 2 Seasons

PC game Designed as a completely new concept for Will Wright’s claim to fame, Sims 2: Seasons allows players to guide their characters through life while watching their world change around them. With such weather effects as snow, thunderstorms, and hailstorms, Sims can sing in the rain or get struck by lightning. Each season comes with a variety of activities, skills, and clothing to prepare each Sim for the elements outside their home. In the Spring, gamers may begin planting their garden and then tend to it during the summer until Fall harvest.

Sims can play in the leaves, chase fireflies, and have snowball fights. Sims are affected by the changing of the seasons and can also experience frostbite, a sunburn, and allergies. To combat these unsavory seasonal effects, players can adorn their avatars in earmuffs, gloves, sundresses, winter coats, and raincoats. Sims 2: Seasons ships with six additional careers to follow including journalism, gaming, adventures, law, education, and music. Reward items and skill building objects are included to help Sims gain the necessary skills to advance in their chosen career.

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