Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

PC game / Recruit a band of fairy companions to save a fantasy world from a terrible fate in Zanzarah, a role-playing adventure from Germany’s Funatics Development. As in Nintendo’s Pokémon series (and its countless console imitators), the focus of this 3D PC game is on collecting an elite corps of creatures that will battle for the player’s character and lend other special powers to her heroic cause.

In an age before memory, the mythical races of elves, goblins, and fairies lived in the same world as regular men and women. As the human societies grew more prevalent and intrusive, however, the creatures of legend went to live in a new world of peace and fantasy where they would be safe from the cold-hearted expansion of humankind. This new place of legend is called Zanzarah and it is nothing but a fairy tale to most of us in the “real” world.

The heroine of this game is different. She is a woman of both worlds. Though born and raised in our own cold world of logic and reality, she soon begins to realize the influence of another time and place upon her existence. On her 18th birthday, she finds herself able to cross over into the fantasy land of Zanzarah, where she soon becomes entangled in an ancient prophecy.

Some strange underlying force of chaos has disrupted the once-peaceful world Zanzarah. The line between good and evil is becoming blurred. An ancient prophecy speaks of this troubled time and of a strange hero from afar who might be Zanzarah’s only hope for salvation. But could this small woman, barely more than a child, truly be the answer to the dying world’s future? This is a question only the player can answer as she enters Zanzarah.

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