007: Nightfire

PC game / As on the consoles and home computer version of 007: Nightfire puts players in control of suave secret agent James Bond as he attempts to stop the head of a seemingly benign corporation from taking over the world. To accomplish this feat, players must travel the globe and complete nine objective-based missions in such exotic locales as Japan and Paris. Bond’s arsenal of heavy weaponry includes such mainstays as machine guns, sniper rifles, and pistols. Q has also outfitted Bond with an abundance of high-tech gadgets such as a wristwatch laser, a cell phone grappling hook, and a Q-Worm credit card device, all of which are necessary for Bond to accomplish his assigned objectives.

Static cut-scenes play out prior to each mission, offering players pertinent background information and mission-specific data. At the conclusion of each mission, performance is rated according to a host of criteria including weapon accuracy, completion time, and enemies killed. Only by obtaining a high performance rating can new levels be unlocked. Later missions focus on covert operations and have players infiltrating areas where they must not be seen or detected by guards or enemy operatives. Extras and bonuses are hidden each of the in-game levels. This version of the James Bond adventure was developed by JV Games, the team responsible for the first GBA first-person shooter, BackTrack. download torrent rapidshare megashares megaupload oxishare sendspace

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