God of War 2

PS2 game / Kratos, thanks to your help, is no longer a lowly mortal but a legendary god. The former warrior of Sparta has not been the same after usurping Ares, however. His mind is filled with persistent thoughts of blood, brutal suffering, and violent conflict, as the rest of the gods on Mount Olympus embroil themselves in petty politics and duplicitous deeds. Kratos wishes to end his torment, and he makes a solemn oath to end his reign as the God of War in unprecedented fashion: by permanently altering his fate. God of War II has you twirling Kratos’ twin blades for more adventurous action in Ancient Greece, as the grim hero encounters an assortment of new mythological creatures and environmental dangers on his path to redemption.

The epic quest will take Kratos to the Sisters of Fate, who possess the power to shift the sands of time. To get there, Kratos must prove his valor by trudging through dark swamps, past ancient temples and forgotten forests, and across uncharted terrain filled with vile beasts, towering boss characters, and devious puzzles. Skeletons, Cyclopes, Gryphons, and more will try to prevent Kratos from fulfilling his goal, but the warrior turned deity can return the favor by attacking specific body parts and lopping off arms, heads, wings, and more. New moves are available to master as well as new magic, which is now inspired by nature and can be combined to create new, freeform combo attacks. Other notable elements include the Golden Fleece power-up, allowing Kratos to reflect both projectile and melee attacks, and flight combat sequences on the wings of Pegasus.download megashares rapidshare

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