Tortuga: Two Treasures

PC game / Break out the peg legs, Tortuga: Two Treasures is taking you out to swash a buckle and raise some high sea hell. Written by authors Wolfgang Walk, Mark L. Barrett, and Bob Bates, Tortuga: Two Treasures tells the story of Thomas “Hawk” Blythe and his battle against Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. You will lead the pirate protagonist into nightly stealth sea battles, overt day battles, and onto finding buried treasure, fame, and glory.

Select one of eight ship types to command and upgrade, and sail to battle against Spanish and English merchants, or other pirates. The adventure follows a main story line, but there are multiple side-quests to engage while working through the main campaign. The official Tortuga: Two Treasures website includes detailed information about the ships, characters, ammunition, and weapons that are available in the game.

Set in the 18th century, young Blythe and his girlfriend, voodoo queen Sangua, are sailing under the command of Blackbeard to find the treasure of Henry Morgan. Being the devilish pirate he is, Blackbeard betrays Blythe, throwing every obstacle he can think of between Blythe and Morgan’s mountain of gold. You must overcome these obstacles in a campaign that takes you over 400 square kilometers of seas, hidden treasure, bonuses, and secret bays

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