Virtua Tennis 3

PC game / Sega’s signature tennis series appears for the first time on PlayStation 3 and PC with Virtua Tennis 3. As in previous versions, players are free to create a male or female athlete and build his or her attributes through an event-filled career. The goal is to gradually improve your character’s ranking by competing in sanctioned tournaments held across the globe. In between tournaments, players can participate in skill-oriented mini-games or train at a tennis academy. The mini-games in particular are just as wacky as in earlier titles, with players attempting to outwit aliens, alligators, and more by hitting targets as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Featured play modes include World Tour, Tournament, Exhibition, and Court Games, where up to four players can compete in their choice of doubles, mixed doubles, or singles play. Twenty professional tennis stars are available to play as or against, including such notables as Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Amélie Mauresmo, and Roger Federer. Characters will compete in a variety of international venues, with clay, grass, hard court, and carpet surfaces all influencing shots in realistic ways. Online support is included for the PC version.

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