God of War 2 for PC (PC Game)

GOW2 deserves a 10: -Graphics: it’s better looking than any game on the PS2, and even looks better than a few games on the PS3. In terms of lighting, framerate, character models and movements, it’s, for lack of a better word: brilliant. Just look at the scene where he’s riding the Pegasus to the Island of the Fates and when he kills those gryphons. -Music: is thrilling, a sweeping epic score that puts most movies to shame. -Voice Acting: is great and doesn’t sound forced (as in, the script writers aren’t trying to be overly clever or archaic, which would make the voice acting sound silly). -Story: starts off with a bang and ends with a louder bang.

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This isn’t like the first GOW where we have a long, drawn out story of Kratos’ past. Rather, it’s all about his present anger and thirst for vengence. Also, the use of Greek myth (for those who like this stuff like me) is a bonus, because you’ll meet a lot of familiar characters, monsters and get to see a lot of familiar places. -Pacing/Puzzles: never gets bogged down and there’s a fair bit of puzzle play thrown in to balance things out.

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-Gameplay Mechanics: GOW2 has the single best battle system of any game ever created. It’s lightning fast and there’s so many different moves and weapons which allow for great variety. If you think it’s an easy game, that’s because you haven’t tried it on the more difficult modes. -The Golden Fleece power-up enhances the experience by giving you awesome counter-attacks, which also boosts the frenzied pace of the gameplay because you need to keep countering on the higher difficulty levels (I started the game on hard difficulty, and when fighting bosses I had to keep counter-attacking to survive). -Bosses: the scope of the boss battles is HUGE! I couldn’t wait to encounter each new boss because they made it just that fun, from Theseus to the Barbarian King to the end bosses. And the way Kratos kills them all brings a tear of insanity to my eyes. -Trust me fellow gamers who haven’t yet made this purchase: forget what everyone’s saying (including me) and just go out and buy this game. You can rent it first, but that’ll be a waste of money since you’ll soon buy it anyway. -One of the top console games of all time.

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