Lighthouse: The Dark Being

Year: 95 – PC game / Lighthouse: The Dark Being immerses you in a surreal supernatural and mechanical world. Your adventures begin when you’re drawn to an old lighthouse on a dark and stormy night — drawn by some odd occurrences and disturbing events.

Your perceived mission becomes one of rescue where lives and even fates of worlds depend on your actions. You are thrust into a bizarre but strangely enticing and beautiful universe that seems to parallel our own, but, one which you discover is inhabited (or should I say, terrorized) by an alien — a dark being.

Surrounded by danger (physical and mental) in this diverse, haunting land, you must grasp the alien technologies you uncover, deal with unsettling treachery, marvel at new and strange inventions and encounter evil in an effort to solve the mysteries of Lighthouse: The Dark Being. You’ll need courage, imagination and time to journey through this architecturally innovative and visually stunning world.

Gameplay in Lighthouse: The Dark Being is from a first-person perspective. The game features puzzles and games, otherworldly machines to master and operate and a deep story line.

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