Sword of the Stars

PC game – year 06/ It is the 25th century and Humans are now exploring space and discovering they are not alone. In Sword of the Stars, players will colonize space as one of four races: Humans, Hivers, Tarkas, and Liir, each with their own language, ships, and technologies to guide them through the adventure. For example, the Hivers travel the galaxy through Teleport Gates, and Liir use light drives for their own space journeys.

The four have a basic technology tree to follow, and options to research over 150 upgrades. However, the tree will change slightly each time a new game is started, so there will be no exploitation of a favorite skill. The game can be played alone, or with up to eight friends through the Internet or a LAN. Players will begin a custom game by organizing a variety of options including the number of stars present in the galaxy, number of players, beginning resources and technology, and the amount of time given for strategic and tactical gameplay. Scenarios such as “Hungry Children,” where players hold off an invasion of Hivers, and “Holy Lands,” a situation where gamers will attempt to capture and hold five holy planets for five turns, are included with the initial release of the game.

Ships are fully customizable, and players can research and create their own ships using the included designer. Three ship types, destroyer, cruiser, and dreadnaught, are the basis for all ship designs. Players can mix and match command, mission, and engine sections, then add armor and a few of over 40 weapon choices.

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  1. If you think this is great, try the expansion, it’s even better and has the creepy Zuul (Not ghostbusters Zuul) alien race to reak havok with.

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