Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich

PC game / True believers team up to defeat freedom’s all-time greatest enemies, in this real-time tactics sequel from Irrational Games. If the original Freedom Force was an homage to the “Silver Age” of superhero comic books, this follow-up pays tribute to the “Golden Age,” when comics writers were inspired by Allied efforts in World War II and the most common villains were the Nazi soldiers of the Axis powers. Fans of the original Freedom Force will reunite with favorite heroes, such as Minuteman, El Diablo, and Mentor, who become embroiled in one of Nuclear Winter’s nefarious schemes and are whisked back to Europe at the height of the war. Here, they must join with new Golden Age allies like the rocket-powered Sky King, the gadget master Black Jack, and the beautiful, swordstress Tricolour, to defeat a conspiracy of evil that transcends time itself. more…>

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