Virtua Tennis 3 PC Review (2007)

I was very excited when i first got this game.
It has great graphics, and is very fun to play.
The only problem that i see, is that even though it has various game modes, they are not so exciting, they help you to improve your in game abilities, but the get very boring after a while.
I finished playing with the story mode in 2 weeks, its kind of hidious because all you do is play and play the same thing over and over, but there is not much to do about it, its a tennis game, the same happens with soccer games, basketball games, etc.
I havent tried it by playing with somebody else, none of my friends are PC fans, but it looks like a great game to play between 2 or more people.
I am a huge fun of tennis, and thats why i got it, when i cant go out to play real tennis because of rain or other reasons, the game makes me feel almost as excited as playing in real life.
Its not a must have, unless you are a big fan of the game!

Blade Runner

Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Westwood Studios Publisher Westwood Studios

year: 97 – PC game / Blade Runner is similar to other adventure games except here, players have greater freedom and more interaction in the course of the story. While some of McCoy’s decisions, like shooting fellow cops, will certainly have consequences that can’t be undone, players can still make numerous changes in his or her final plans and goal. Players may also choose to give the Replicants a chance early on in the game, only to blow them away towards the climax the story.

The computer generated setting of Blade Runner is simply one of the best to appear on computer desktops. The opening sequences are almost frame-for-frame identical to the film, yet they have been totally recreated. You don’t need special 3D accelerators to play and the interaction with many characters from the film (whose voices have been supplied by the original actors) really makes for an outstanding and enjoyable adventure. download megaupload mediafire torrent

Anachronox (Jewel Case)

Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Ion Storm Publisher Eidos Interactive

year:04 – PC game / Players have a third-person view of the 3D-rendered main characters Sylvester “Sly” Boots and his partner Stiletto. The two are on a quest to discover the fate of a long-dead alien race, in hopes that the futuristic technology these aliens may have left behind might help prevent an imminent danger that threatens to destroy the entire universe as we know it.

Players can control up to three characters at a time and the game features hundreds of creatures and NPCs with which the heroes can interact. The game runs in “real-time” but is easily paused at any point so that players can plan combat strategies and absorb important plot points and story details. Anachronox offers a “KidInstall” feature, which installs the game with preteen appropriate settings, leaving out some of the more mature content while keeping the story intact and the game play fully functional.

Heart of Darkness

Genre Action Styles Action-Adventure Publisher Interplay Productions, Inc.

year 98 – PC game / Heart of Darkness was created and developed by the team responsible for Out of this World. Taking place throughout 127 different locations and eight distinctive worlds, each side-scrolling screen features a unique challenge or puzzle that must be solved in order to progress. Most challenges involve climbing walls, jumping between platforms, and shooting a specific object or multitudes of creatures.

The latter part of that statement is very important to survival; shadow monsters will often attack Andy in droves. Fortunately, he brought along a Plasma Cannon that can be shot in seven different directions. As he progresses through the various worlds and meets up with strange but helpful creatures, ordinary and special powers are learned (sort of like magic).

When he’s not destroying hordes of enemies, the hero must navigate the environments carefully. Andy can climb up walls, duck under certain objects, execute long and short jumps, push objects, etc. Each skill must be used accordingly; when there’s a small hole to jump across, use the short jump — using the long jump could prove to be fatal if there’s a slew of enemies waiting for you on the other side!

Next Life

Genre Adventure Styles Mystery Adventure Developer Future Games Publisher The Adventure Company

PC game / Next Life is a point-and-click graphic adventure centered on the mysterious circumstances of a fatal car wreck. Players take control of Adam, a 23-year-old technician who dies in a car accident only to wake up in a dark, familiar world. From the makers of Black Mirror and Ni Bi Ru: Age of Secrets, Next Life provides classic graphic adventure gameplay revolving around item acquisition and puzzle megaupload torrent sendspace

Guitar Hero III

Genre Simulation Styles Musical Instrument/Band Sim Developer RedOctane Publisher Activision, Inc.

PC game / Once again players can embark on a career, earning money to unlock new characters, guitars, songs, and other surprises while competing in an assortment of colorful venues. For the first time, players will test their technique against real-life guitar gods. Rock stars Slash, Tom Morello, and others will confront players at various points, where the object is to drain their “rock meter” by outperforming them at their own songs. Players can also directly challenge a nearby friend. Completing tricky “star power” riffs earns players random power-ups to use against rivals at any time.

Player-sabotaging power-ups include doubling the number of onscreen notes, switching control to left-handed play, and more. Non-competitive types will appreciate the career co-op mode, allowing two guitarists to work together through each song list. Among the featured tracks are “Paint It Black,” “Cherub Rock,” “Slow Ride,” “Barracuda,” “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and “Sabotage.” Guitar Hero III for PlayStation 2 is available as a standalone purchase or as part of a bundle including a black, wireless guitar controller patterned after the Gibson Kramer. download megaupload torrent sendspace

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer IO Interactive Publisher Eidos Interactive

PC game / Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is the story of two death-row inmates who end up in a partnership together after they are kidnapped by The Seven. The Seven is a highly organized terrorist group that recruit Kane and Lynch for a variety of missions around the globe. Not much is known about the duo before their time on the row, however, when the characters are close to death, image sequences that mimic their life flashing by clue gamers into where each man began, and how they ended up working for The Seven. Single players must work their way through each objective as Kane with Lynch following behind for back up. In cooperative, multiplayer action, both the avatars are used and each man has his own goals to accomplish in each level.