Blade Runner

Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Westwood Studios Publisher Westwood Studios

year: 97 – PC game / Blade Runner is similar to other adventure games except here, players have greater freedom and more interaction in the course of the story. While some of McCoy’s decisions, like shooting fellow cops, will certainly have consequences that can’t be undone, players can still make numerous changes in his or her final plans and goal. Players may also choose to give the Replicants a chance early on in the game, only to blow them away towards the climax the story.

The computer generated setting of Blade Runner is simply one of the best to appear on computer desktops. The opening sequences are almost frame-for-frame identical to the film, yet they have been totally recreated. You don’t need special 3D accelerators to play and the interaction with many characters from the film (whose voices have been supplied by the original actors) really makes for an outstanding and enjoyable adventure. download megaupload mediafire torrent

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