Virtua Tennis 3 PC Review (2007)

I was very excited when i first got this game.
It has great graphics, and is very fun to play.
The only problem that i see, is that even though it has various game modes, they are not so exciting, they help you to improve your in game abilities, but the get very boring after a while.
I finished playing with the story mode in 2 weeks, its kind of hidious because all you do is play and play the same thing over and over, but there is not much to do about it, its a tennis game, the same happens with soccer games, basketball games, etc.
I havent tried it by playing with somebody else, none of my friends are PC fans, but it looks like a great game to play between 2 or more people.
I am a huge fun of tennis, and thats why i got it, when i cant go out to play real tennis because of rain or other reasons, the game makes me feel almost as excited as playing in real life.
Its not a must have, unless you are a big fan of the game!

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