The Orange Box

Genre Action Styles Multi-Game Compilation Developer Valve Software Publisher EA Games

PC game / Half-Life 2: Orange Box for next-gen consoles includes 2004’s critically acclaimed Half-Life 2, its first two expansion packs, Episode One and Episode Two; the standalone puzzle game, Portal; and the team-based multiplayer title, Team Fortress 2. Half-Life 2 continues the saga of scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself in a world overrun by an alien army known as the Combine. One of the key features in Half-Life 2 and its expansions is the use of physics to interact with the environment, whether it’s pushing cinder blocks to create a staircase or using a gravity gun to hoist and then slam objects into enemies. Freeman will also be able to interact with several friendly characters as well as drive an assortment of vehicles while on his quest to defeat the Combine.

Dungeon Keeper 2

Genre Strategy Styles 3D Real-Time Strategy Developer Bullfrog Productions Ltd. Publisher Electronic Arts

Dungeon Keeper 2 offers several_modes of play, including_the unique “My Pet Dungeon” mode in vvhich u can build the dungeon of our dreams vvithout invoking_campaign rules & objectives. Multi player options complement?the campaign & skirmish modes vvith Internet and LAN support for up to 4 players.


As in the original, the player takes on the enigmatic form of a large floating green hand which moves around the map picking things up, dropping them, casting spells and interacting with specific items. The game interface is blended between a large panel at the bottom of the screen and interactive items in the world. For example, the buttons to select which room, door or trap to build or spell to cast are in tabs on the panel and are then dropped into position in the world. Locking and unlocking doors or activating items is done by clicking on the item in the world. Disabling imprisonment of enemy creatures is done by clicking a metal bar next to the prison door, barricading it closed.

The game plays quite similarly to its predecessor, however gameplay is more streamlined with less micromanaging and elimination of unnecessary information. Examples include the removal of the “kill enemies”/”beat them unconscious” switch (creatures are always knocked unconscious – the behavior can’t be changed) and the creature statistics panel, which provided all sorts of generally irrelevant information like blood type and luck. The creature combat experience was also moved to display as a circular “progress bar” in the creature’s “health flower” over their heads, removing the need to find the information in the panels. The colors, music and sound in Dungeon Keeper 2 also tend to be brighter and more vibrant; the original Dungeon Keeper was generally darker and “grimier” with more serious overtones. Dungeon Keeper 2 tends to be much more tongue-in-cheek with various fourth wall-breaking jokes. An example of the change in mood is when a creature hits jackpot in the casino. This releases a flurry of stardust springing from the room, while the game blasts Disco Inferno and the creatures in the casino dance around. The fact that this casino (together with the fighting pit) replaced the eerie Scavenger’s Room from Dungeon Keeper solidifies the altered mood.

Like the original, Dungeon Keeper 2 places the player in the role of a malignant overlord bent on world domination. The player must conquer all the underground lands in the kingdom to recover the portal gems, which can be used to open a portal to the surface world so that it can be invaded by evil. The kingdom itself takes the form of a large table containing a 3-dimensional map where the player clicks where to attack next from the highlighted regions – this is quite similar to Dungeon Keeper’s world map with mainly graphical improvements. There are 20 main levels in the campaign. Some levels have multiple methods of attack allowing the player to choose which method and sub-region they prefer.

At any stage, as in the first Dungeon Keeper, the player may choose to “Possess” one of his creatures. The player then sees through the creatures eyes and controls its actions, in a style similar to a First Person Shooter.

Gameplay is overseen by “The Mentor”, an anonymous evil sounding male, voiced by Richard Ridings, just as in the original Dungeon Keeper, who tutors the player in the early levels and provides hints and advice throughout the game as well as general notices such as “It’s payday” or “Your dungeon heart is under attack!”. He also provides occasional humorous messages such as “One of your imps does a great impression of you. He can even do the ears”. The Mentor also provides a sometimes humorous monologue at both the objectives and debriefing screens for each level about the level goals and the characters involved. He also points out the movements of rival keepers and the king on the world map.

After completing a campaign level, the player receives a short movie before the debriefing screen which contains a joke based on the game.

Other than the campaign, the game also includes multiplayer and skirmish modes, as well as the sandbox mode, “My Pet Dungeon”. My Pet Dungeon levels assign the player a goal such as “gain 10000 points” where points are gained by building, casting, claiming, slapping and just generally managing the dungeon. Once the player completes the objective they are then allowed to choose to keep playing on for as long as they like. The sandbox mode includes a “Hero toolbox” where the player can grab Hero characters and drop them in their dungeon for their minions to kill. The toolbox also includes a slot machine-like device for changing the skill level of the characters in the toolbox. The interface panel also gains a “force an invasion” button that causes a team of heroes to emerge from a Hero gate and attack the player’s dungeon.

The skirmish mode enables the player to fight against computer bots. However, the difficulty of the bots is not particularly high, as the AI tends to have limited decision making and contingency planning abilities, but the bots are still generally challenging under favorable conditions, specifically, a sufficiently large quantity of land to build perfectly square rooms and a large quantity of nearby gold or gems

Fire Emblem: Awakening Overview

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems team up once again to bring gamers Fire Emblem: Amakening, the first 3DS title in the long-running strategy RPG series. Players can create their own unique character and then battle alongside a prince named Chrom as he gathers a group of vigilantes, known as the Shepherds, to help him protect the Kingdom of Ylisse from a dark dragon and its army of undead soldiers. Combat takes the form of classic turn-based grid battles, with gamers moving their party around the 2D grid to attack foes, and battles playing out in 3D.

In between battles, players can move freely through an overworld map to meet new characters and purchase items for use in combat, and animated cut-scenes helps flesh out the game’s narrative. There are dozens of characters to meet and command, each with different skills and jobs, and groups can form bonds with one another as they battle, with some characters potentially marrying each other. Online options include local co-op multiplayer, StreetPass and SpotPass data swapping, and the potential to download new missions and characters.

Join a prince and his vigilantes as they attempt to fend off a dark dragon and its army of undead soldiers
Meet dozens of different characters, each with unique skills
Form a party and engage in classic turn-based grid battles

Battlefield 1942

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Digital Illusions Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date September 10, 2002

Rating: 4,2/5

Battlefield 1942 & Road to Rome are_the BEST games in their_genre that I have ewer played & I’ve played_them all. Some people_may complain that_the single player missions are a bit_lacking & sure I agree. The single_player campaign is easy but that’s not vvhat makes_this game vvhat it is. The MULTIPLAYER aspect_is vvhere this game shines. VVe didn’t fight_against AIs during WWII….vvhy fight against_them now…play online vvith other

Sinking Island

Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Microïds Publisher Microïds

PC game / Jack has just three days to complete 10 gameplay missions, collecting valuable clues and storing evidence in his PPA.


The plot is centered around the investigation of the death of a millionaire named Walter Jones. The main acting character in the game is Jack Norm, a police officer entrusted with the task of solving the mystery. The events take place on a fictional island owned by the late Walter Jones in an Art Deco-style tower. The plot takes place over three days and follows a classic murder mystery scheme where a detective needs to uncover the identity of the murderer.
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Sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin

Genre Adventure Style First-Person, Modern

PC game / Real-time 3D technology graphics. As these investigation sites are real places, they can also be admired by art-lovers. Hundreds of works of art, objects, sculptures and paintings have been faithfully reproduced for the purposes of the game.
By clicking on each object, you can take a closer look and listen to the personal commentaries from Sherlock Holmes about the work – a real treat for art enthusiasts!

Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge

Genre Strategy Styles 2D Real-Time Strategy Developer Westwood Studios Publisher EA Games

year: 00 – PC game /In any case, at least we’re reminded this is just a simple game intended for enjoyment. The interface is unarguably familiar with the aforementioned isometric, 2D view of the battlegrounds with a menu on the right-hand side of the screen detailing your radar, resources, and building options. What’s changed for the better, however, is this one-stop shop now divides all your possible building options into four main tabs: infrastructure, base defenses, men and vehicles. games download torrent megaupload rapidshare full

Spaceforce Captains

Genre Strategy Styles 3D Turn-Based Strategy Publisher JoWooD Productions

PC game / Spaceforce Captains a turn-based strategy game where you’ll have to build a space station and conquer the space with a captain leading a large fleet. The game features 3 campaigns with 24 missions, adventure, management, action, RPG and tactic elements, more than 120 individual captains and over 200 cutting-edge technologies to upgrade your fleet.

Belief & Betrayal

Games for Windows Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Adventure Developer Artematica S.r.l. Publisher Lighthouse Interactive

Playing as Danter gamers must collect_clues and solve puzzles vvhile interacting with a cast of characters to uncover a connection betvveen the death & the Catholic Church. Players_travel from New York to London & then onto France, Venice, & finally, the_Vatican vvhere they piece the_secrets together and discover a truth_hidden since the_last days of download game torrent megaupload rip megashares http