Fire Emblem: Awakening Overview

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems team up once again to bring gamers Fire Emblem: Amakening, the first 3DS title in the long-running strategy RPG series. Players can create their own unique character and then battle alongside a prince named Chrom as he gathers a group of vigilantes, known as the Shepherds, to help him protect the Kingdom of Ylisse from a dark dragon and its army of undead soldiers. Combat takes the form of classic turn-based grid battles, with gamers moving their party around the 2D grid to attack foes, and battles playing out in 3D.

In between battles, players can move freely through an overworld map to meet new characters and purchase items for use in combat, and animated cut-scenes helps flesh out the game’s narrative. There are dozens of characters to meet and command, each with different skills and jobs, and groups can form bonds with one another as they battle, with some characters potentially marrying each other. Online options include local co-op multiplayer, StreetPass and SpotPass data swapping, and the potential to download new missions and characters.

Join a prince and his vigilantes as they attempt to fend off a dark dragon and its army of undead soldiers
Meet dozens of different characters, each with unique skills
Form a party and engage in classic turn-based grid battles

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