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Red mundus – Recommended
A solid brawler with suprisingly well-done attacks, animations and combos. Think Condemned but requiring more skill and timing. Every weapon feels and attacks differently and has different animations for backstabs counters, combos, etc.

So far the combat is essentially the only thing to the game but for an early access title it’s solid. I hesitate to use “dark souls”-like as that phrase has lost all meaning but the game clearly is channeling and trying to capture that same concept of skill, timing and difficulty that Darks Souls series provides. Eager to see the game develop and use its potential. Graphics so far seem mostly placeholder and most rooms look the same.

isaacfess – Recommended
This game is pretty good.

You wake up in an elevator and kill the first thing you see. sounds like a typical saturday night to me.
Okay here’s the actual review. So the combat is slightly slower than most games so if you dont like that it might make you dislike this game. The blocking mechanics are neat, you can block the left center or right side of your screen. You can make baddies stagger with a well timed block. The graphics are good even though most of the game is coridoors. I played the closed alpha build and it has went in the right direction so far.

For right now in Early Access the game is a 7.5/10 For me.

Mordane – Recommended
It’s not a bad game. If you’re looking for fast paced combat you’ll be disappointed. Take your time, plan and be patient. It’s great for an alpha. The game has some serious potential to grow into a unique experience. So far the RPG elements seem to be fairly basic and the combat could feel a bit more fluid but as of this review it is only day two. I’m excited to see where this goes.

I’m glad I have it and you likely will be too.

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