Bioshock vs Bioshock 2

BioShock – 2007

– Defeat big daddies, steal the Adam from (pcshooter) little sisters, and use it to enhance your own skills
– Lead the protagonist through the streets of Rapture (pcshooter) to unlock the mystery behind the city
– Obtain over 60 different genetic abilities from the Adam, (pcshooter) and use them to defeat your enemies

BioShock 2 – 2010

– BioShock 2 casts you in the surprising (pcshooter) role of a “Big Daddy,” the prototype for the lumbering giants encountered in the first game.
– Play as a sleek and agile “Big Daddy” to (pcshooter) stop a new enemy from rebuilding Rapture
– Experience points earned during multiplayer (pcshooter) combat can be used to unlock new weapons, plasmids, and gene tonics to customize characters.
– Includes new ability-enhancing plasmids (pcshooter) and support for dual-wielding weapons
– Customize multiplayer characters with (pcshooter) experience points earned during combat

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