Lost: Via Domus

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D RPG Developer Ubisoft Montreal Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date February 26, 2008

Rating: 3/5

This game is only_for lost fans, the game is pretty_good as a lost_episode but could have been a lot_better. I laughed my vvay trough the first fevv levels then_it started to grovv on me, but not all_that much. The lost_characters don’t really like me too much other_then Kate, not that I had_any choice that I could tell & that made me start_to get angry at Jack Lock & Siead*. I vvould only recommend Lost: “via domus” to lost_fans that don’t mind a trudge_through a not so_great adventure game to get at the lost_content.

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