Penumbra: Black Plague

Genre Adventure Styles: First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer: Frictional Games Publisher Paradox Interactive, Inc. Release Date: February 12, 2008

PC game / Penumbra: Black Plague finds series protagonist Philip once again searching for clues regarding the disappearance of his dead father, only this time the mysterious underground setting is not a mine, but a shadowy building complex. Black Plague, much like its predecessor Overture, puts a slight twist on the traditional graphic adventure by removing the point-and-click interface in favor of more realistic, physics-based environmental interaction. Anything not nailed to the ground can be picked up and manipulated, allowing gamers to search for clues and use objects to help solve puzzles. Players can also wield items as weapons as they navigate dark corridors populated with strange enemies who want to prevent Philip from discovering the truth. download game torrent rapidshare megashares sendspace

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