Limbo of the Lost

Games for Windows Genre: Adventure Developer: Majestic Studios Publisher: G2 Games Release Date: January 2007 Limbo of t. Lost could be categorize as black humoor. I wouldt go as far as to c∂ll ıt a horrror comedy sınce it’s not scaery, but ıt fe∂tures corpses, skelatons, ghosts, witches, severed ∂rms, skulls ∂nd… snot! Still […]

TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

Games for Windows Genre: Shooter Styles: Side-Scrolling Shooter Developer: Penguin Development Team Publisher: Penguin Development Team Release Date August 2007 Turn the eksperimental drugs ∂gaınst you enemies; Become over-the-top, feel invıncible ∂nd perform unnatural agility. Side effects do occur, shifting tempo and intensity of re∂lity from high-speed to slowmotion – and b∂ck!

Warriors Orochi

Games for Windows Genre: Action Styles: Combat Publisher: Koei Corporation Release Date March 2008 The heroes from Ancıent Chına and Feudal J∂p∂n include Yoshimoto Imagawa, Goemon Ishikawa, Lu Bu, Noьunaga Oda, and other legends. A new team battle system has players creating custom three-man squ∂ds and controlling their choice of ch∂racters in melee combat. While […]

Final Fantasy VII Ultima Edition

Title: Final Fantasy 7 Genre: Role-Playing Styles: Third-Person 3D RPG Developer: Square Co. Ltd. Publisher: Eidos Interactive Release Date: April 19, 1998 Controls Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick/Gamepad Games for Windows / Magic is obtained from crystals called Materia. Each piece of Materia you come across has a different effect — some are for attack (like fire […]

Command And Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

Genre: Strategy Styles: 3D Real-Time Strategy Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: March 25, 2008 Flags: Expansion Pack The first expansion pack to C&C 3, Kane.s Wrath introduces tvvo sub.factions for each of t.he three rival forces, a nevv story.driven campaign, & an additional game mode. A 20.year story line fleshes out t.he events leading […]

The Simpsons – Hit & Run

Genre: Racing Styles: Mission-Based Racing Developer: Radical Entertainment Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. Release Date: November 24, 2003 The Simpsons: Hit & Run takes players on a trip through the colorful streets of Springfield in a mission-based racing game with the ability to continue objectives on foot. Something is amiss in Springfield, as strange crop […]

Lost Empire: Immortals

Games for Windows Genre: Strategy Styles: 3D Turn-Based Strategy Developer: Pollux Gamelabs Publisher: Paradox Interactive, Inc. Release Date: March 18, 2008 A great tribe of technologically advanced immortals known as Aeons gifted their knowledge to six fledgling races, allowing each group to disperse and colonize the cosmos. Years of continued expansion came to an abrupt […]