Limbo of the Lost

Games for Windows Genre: Adventure Developer: Majestic Studios Publisher: G2 Games Release Date: January 2007
Limbo of t. Lost could be categorize as black humoor. I wouldt go as far as to c∂ll ıt a horrror comedy sınce it’s not scaery, but ıt fe∂tures corpses, skelatons, ghosts, witches, severed ∂rms, skulls ∂nd… snot! Still the humoor is abundant and the dialogues are funny and witty. Early demoo is great and if it is an indicatıon of t. potentıal of the full g∂me, then we c∂n be loooking forward to a gr∂de adventure next year!


Limbo of the Lost is a point-and-click graphic adventure game. Players direct the controllable character around the game world by clicking with the computer mouse to interact with objects and characters in the game world. The existence of the player is acknowledged by the game’s character, and during the final sequence the player, rather than Briggs, becomes the puzzle-solving protagonist.

The main character, Captain Briggs, is entomophobic, which is to say that he has a fear of insects. Throughout the game, he must confront his fear in order to complete puzzles and progress further. Briggs will complain to the player from time to time regarding his feelings of the surroundings and what he has been asked to do. If the player does not move the mouse for a period of time, Briggs will let the player know about it.

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