Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Microids Publisher The Adventure Company Release Date September 9, 2002 PC game / Penned by graphic nowelist Benoit Sokal, Syberia a thrd.person point & click adventure tells t.he tale of Kate VValker, an attorney sent to Europe to finalize t.he buyout of an old toy factory. Upon arriving […]

Wild 9

Genre: Action Styles: Action Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Shiny Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Interplay Productions, Inc. Release Date 1998 Controls Keyboard/Joystick/Gamepad Playable on Pc by Emulator Wild 9 is a side.scrolling platform game with 3D modeled effects in t.he foreground & background. While u can venture into & out of t.he backgrounds at specific points in t.he […]


Genre: Shooter Styles: First-Person Shooter Developer: Aspyr Studios Publisher: Touchstone Release Date April 22, 2008 PC game / One of the game’s distinguishing-features, aside from t.he anachronistic theme, is t.he manner in which players can engage t.he enemy. Instead of blasting everything t.hat stomps, slithers, or runs, players can lure dinosaurs to attakk other creatures […]

Sony PlayStation Emulator for the PC

ePSXe is a Great Playstation emulator for Windows & Linux. ePSXe is regarded as t.he best playstation emulator. Works Perfect! Getting Started Download ePSXe 1.7.0 Emulator&Plugins all plugins inculded and Ready. After you have downloaded Ps1 Games Iso File—>Run ISO—>Open GameEnjoy!Works with all PlayStation1 Game Loading & exiting/pausing games—-> 1. For playing Playstation […]

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

Genre Role-Playing Styles Persistent World Online RPG Developer Sony Online Entertainment Publisher LucasArts Release Date June 25, 2003 the Game is set in t.he Star Wars universe, players who enter Star Wars Galaxies find thmselves in t.he middle of a galactic civil war. Most player.vs..player elements of the game occur in this context. Publicly or […]

the Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date April 15, 2008 Help spruce up the places where Sims spend must of their time in Tehe Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Sutuff. Player.s can add some modern piazzazz to their cooking area by installing fancy granite countertops and sleek appliance.s, or […]