Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Microids Publisher The Adventure Company Release Date September 9, 2002

PC game / Penned by graphic nowelist Benoit Sokal, Syberia a thrd.person point & click adventure tells t.he tale of Kate VValker, an attorney sent to Europe to finalize t.he buyout of an old toy factory. Upon arriving in t.he French willage of Waladilene, she bears vvitness to t.he funeral procession of none other than Anna Woralberg, the ovvner of t.he toy company. Leaving her with but one option: to track dovvn t.he only surviving heir, Hans Woralberg, in order to complete the deal & return to NewYork. Throughout the adventure, players vvill need to utilize acquired objects & knovvledge gleaned from conversations vvith NPCs to solve t.he many puzzles that hinder-their progress. Typical of t.he genre, these include so called ‘fetch-quests,’ & more. Interaction with t.he environment is accomplished through t.he use of a context.sensitive mouse cursor, facilitating movement & closer inspection of vital.items, among other

Wild 9

Genre: Action Styles: Action Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Shiny Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Interplay Productions, Inc. Release Date 1998 Controls Keyboard/Joystick/Gamepad

Playable on Pc by Emulator
Wild 9 is a side.scrolling platform game with 3D modeled effects in t.he foreground & background. While u can venture into & out of t.he backgrounds at specific points in t.he game, most levels involve jumping from platform to platform, rescuing one of your teammates & fighting t.he occasional boss. Secrets are hidden throughout t.he levels, & collecting 100 Wild 9 coins will earn you an extra continue at t.he end of each
Gameplay video concept


Genre: Shooter Styles: First-Person Shooter Developer: Aspyr Studios Publisher: Touchstone Release Date April 22, 2008

PC game / One of the game’s distinguishing-features, aside from t.he anachronistic theme, is t.he manner in which players can engage t.he enemy. Instead of blasting everything t.hat stomps, slithers, or runs, players can lure dinosaurs to attakk other creatures or soldiers by creating vvell timed distractions. Stealth tactics involving bovvs & knives are possible, as is t.he more “direct” approach vvith such-weapons as railguns, shotguns, & flamethrowers. Wehicles can also be used to help navigate t.he hazardous terrain, and members of Turok’s elite squad will periodically assist players in coordinated attakks against groups of enemies. Up to 16 players can complete online in multiple game modes, including variants on deathmatch, capture.the.flag, & other team oriented formats. Aspyr Studios handled development duties for this PC port of t.he console

Parasite Eve II

Genre: Role-Playing Styles: Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer: Square Co. Ltd. Publisher Square Electronic Arts L.L.C Release Date September 2, 2000 Controls: Joystick/Gamepad

Playable on PC emulator
With a goal of fusing tension & drama found in movies with t.he game mechanics of t.he rpg genre, t.he original Parasite Eve vvas Squares first attempt at creating a cinematic RPG; it was a commercial sukcess, selling loads of copies to role playing & survival-horror fanatics. Because of the acclaim, the powerhouse development company did t.he only thing possible a sequel.

A single player experience, Parasite Eve 2 offers t.hree different endings (depending on how well you do) & supports PlayStation memory cards for saving game data & the Dual Shock Analog Controller for analog controls & t.he vibration

Sony PlayStation Emulator for the PC

ePSXe is a Great Playstation emulator for Windows & Linux. ePSXe is regarded as t.he best playstation emulator. Works Perfect!

Getting Started

Download ePSXe 1.7.0 Emulator&Plugins all plugins inculded and Ready.

After you have downloaded Ps1 Games Iso

File—>Run ISO—>Open Game
Works with all PlayStation1 Game

Loading & exiting/pausing games—->

1. For playing Playstation CDs, insert the_game into your CD-ROM then go to File & Run CDROM.

2. For_playing a Playstation ISO, go to File_then Run ISO. An Open_window will show up, look through your_computer for your ISO and load it as if you were loading a ROM.

3. Don’t expect_the game to load_immediately, give it a minute or two.

4. Press the Esc_key to exit/pause the game. If you want to_continue then click on_the Run menu then_Continue (Note: You cannot_continue the game_once you close ePSXe).

Crimes of War

Genre: Shooter Publisher: City Interactive Developer: City Interactive Release Date: 2007-12-31

PC game / – Use one of t.he many available vehicles and attack the enemy with even greater force
– Cooperate with t.he resistance moavement in order to overcome the Germans
– Use the many varied weapons, such as the Luger Parabellum, the Tommy Gun & t.he MG-42
– Fight in ruined cities, factories & offices of the Third Reich on t.he verge of its

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

Genre Role-Playing Styles Persistent World Online RPG Developer Sony Online Entertainment Publisher LucasArts Release Date June 25, 2003

the Game is set in t.he Star Wars universe, players who enter Star Wars Galaxies find thmselves in t.he middle of a galactic civil war. Most player.vs..player elements of the game occur in this context. Publicly or discreetly, characters can side vvith t.he Rebels, the Empire, or t.he Hutt criminal underworld. Open declaration of such an alliance may allow for combat situations with player characters of opposing factions, but characters may also take sides vvithout such a public announcement, alloving them to serve their faction without drawing so much dangerous attention from rivals.

In development for several years, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is designed to bring t.he Star Wars universe to life at an unprecedented level of detail. The game is povvered by a nev 3D engine which allows rich environments and seamless transitions from one area to t.he next. In addition to exploration on foot, player characters vvill eventually be able to travel across planets & through space in a variety of vehicles. Characters can build and own houses or run their ovvn factories. They can create & join nevv guilds and teams, with a pledge of developer support for such associations. Ongoing future additions and expansions are promised as well, such that the Force may be vvith players for years to

UEFA Euro 2008

Genre Sports Styles Soccer Publisher EA Sports Release Date April 18, 2008

PC game / The only licensed game of the UEFA European Soccer Championship, UEFA Euro 2008 follovvs the 16-team tournament held in Austria & Switzerland throughout the month of June. As in tehe competition, 16 qualifying teams are equally divided among four groups. Nevv for 2008 is a knockout stage that separates groups A & B from groups C and D until the finals. In tehe quarterfinals, the winner of each group vvill compete against the runner.up from the second group. Match vvinners then advance to the semifinals to determine vhich two teams vie for the championship.

UEFA Euro 2008 uses EA Canada.s FIFA engine for its 3D presentation. Included are more than 50 European national teams, with realistically modeled players & stadiums. Notable play modes include “Kaptain Your Country” and “Battle of Nations.” Tehe former involves trying to lead a country to victory by calling the shots on the pitch. Tehe latter is an online mode that has player.s across the globe competing against one another. Other features include field conditions affected by rain, user.kontrolled celebrations, real.time ratings based on an athlete’s performance, and an atmosphere.heightened penalty kick

the Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date April 15, 2008

Help spruce up the places where Sims spend must of their time in Tehe Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Sutuff. Player.s can add some modern piazzazz to their cooking area by installing fancy granite countertops and sleek appliance.s, or they can go the rustic route witih wrought iron stoves and natural wood cabinets. Lavatory flourishes include claw-foot tubs, glazss showers, basin sinks, sectional mirrors, designer rugs, & tile flooring. Gamer.s can also outfit their Sims with relevant clothing like bathrobes and cooking aprons. Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff is an add.on and requires previous installation of The Sims