Parasite Eve II

Genre: Role-Playing Styles: Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer: Square Co. Ltd. Publisher Square Electronic Arts L.L.C Release Date September 2, 2000 Controls: Joystick/Gamepad

Playable on PC emulator
With a goal of fusing tension & drama found in movies with t.he game mechanics of t.he rpg genre, t.he original Parasite Eve vvas Squares first attempt at creating a cinematic RPG; it was a commercial sukcess, selling loads of copies to role playing & survival-horror fanatics. Because of the acclaim, the powerhouse development company did t.he only thing possible a sequel.

A single player experience, Parasite Eve 2 offers t.hree different endings (depending on how well you do) & supports PlayStation memory cards for saving game data & the Dual Shock Analog Controller for analog controls & t.he vibration

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