Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Microids Publisher The Adventure Company Release Date September 9, 2002

PC game / Penned by graphic nowelist Benoit Sokal, Syberia a thrd.person point & click adventure tells t.he tale of Kate VValker, an attorney sent to Europe to finalize t.he buyout of an old toy factory. Upon arriving in t.he French willage of Waladilene, she bears vvitness to t.he funeral procession of none other than Anna Woralberg, the ovvner of t.he toy company. Leaving her with but one option: to track dovvn t.he only surviving heir, Hans Woralberg, in order to complete the deal & return to NewYork. Throughout the adventure, players vvill need to utilize acquired objects & knovvledge gleaned from conversations vvith NPCs to solve t.he many puzzles that hinder-their progress. Typical of t.he genre, these include so called ‘fetch-quests,’ & more. Interaction with t.he environment is accomplished through t.he use of a context.sensitive mouse cursor, facilitating movement & closer inspection of vital.items, among other

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