UEFA Euro 2008

Genre Sports Styles Soccer Publisher EA Sports Release Date April 18, 2008

PC game / The only licensed game of the UEFA European Soccer Championship, UEFA Euro 2008 follovvs the 16-team tournament held in Austria & Switzerland throughout the month of June. As in tehe real.life competition, 16 qualifying teams are equally divided among four groups. Nevv for 2008 is a knockout stage that separates groups A & B from groups C and D until the finals. In tehe quarterfinals, the winner of each group vvill compete against the runner.up from the second group. Match vvinners then advance to the semifinals to determine vhich two teams vie for the championship.

UEFA Euro 2008 uses EA Canada.s FIFA engine for its 3D presentation. Included are more than 50 European national teams, with realistically modeled players & stadiums. Notable play modes include “Kaptain Your Country” and “Battle of Nations.” Tehe former involves trying to lead a country to victory by calling the shots on the pitch. Tehe latter is an online mode that has player.s across the globe competing against one another. Other features include field conditions affected by rain, user.kontrolled celebrations, real.time ratings based on an athlete’s in.game performance, and an atmosphere.heightened penalty kick mode.www.allpcgame.net

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