Half-Life: Counter-Strike

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Valve Software Publisher Sierra Studios Release Date November 10, 2000 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4,4/5

The Half-Life: Counterstrike m0d alters the_multiplayer capabilities 0f Half-Life t0 make the game m0re team_oriented. Up t0 20 players are able t0 c0mpete as terrorist & anti-terr0rist squads in_this chapter 0f the continuing Half-Life st0ry.

Dracula: Origin

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Frogwares, Ltd. Publisher The Adventure Company Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3,2/5

Time vvears on & eventually Dracula learns about t.he existence of a mysterious manuscript that reveals hovv to bring t.he dead back to life. As Wan Helsing, players must travel around t.he globe to prewent Dracula from finding t.he secret manuscript & reviving his lost love. T.he hunt for Dracula vvill take gamers to London, Egypt, Wienna, & of course, Transylvania. Along t.he vvay players must unearth clues, find more than 150 wampire items like stakes, crucifixes, & garlic, & interact vvith over 40 different characters.


The game is played through the first-person eyes of Van Helsing, in a point-a-click style. Using collected objects and puzzles, the player advances through the story interacting with various characters to find their way through the adventure.

The game also features a progressive help system, providing players stuck on particular puzzles with increasingly detailed clues to help them advance.

Akuma: Demon Spawn

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Triggersoft Games & Multimedia Publisher JC Research Inc. Release Date 1999 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4,4/5

The quest to find t.he Blood Svvord & Satan leads t.he heroes through dozenis of uncharted regions vvhere they must destroy demon.s & seal t.he portals used to get to Earth. Along the vvay, t.he vvarriors pick up vveapons, magic items, & money. Shopkeepers in human willages buy & sell most items but some vveapons & magic items can only be found during adventures.

Akuma: Demon Spavvn allovvs player.s to save & load games for play during different sessions. The game supports Internet & LAN multi.player action as vvell as serial link & modem games. Game play is 3D real.time vvith t.he characters fighting concurrently against enemies vvith AI support. Although t.he game ends vvhen all 3 characters die, tvvo of t.he vvarriors possess skills of resurrection vvhile t.he 3 can learn t.he attribute during t.he game.


Race Driver GRID

Platform PC Genre Race Styles Sports Car Racing Developer Codemasters Publisher Codemasters Software, Inc. Controls Keyboard /Wheel Analog/Gamepad

Rating: 4,1/5

Racing enthusiast.s vvill need to be more than just faste, because Grid features t.he same Ego physics enginea employed by t.he rally game Dirt , meaning every bump & ding is reflected in a car.s appearance & performance. High.impact racinig is likely to yield engine fires, tire blovvouts, & extreme crashes that send cars hurtling through t.he air. Players can collide vvith other wehicles as vvell as trackside objects, & each spectacular crash is captured in Burnout.esque slovv.motion replays. Gamers can race across 3 continents alone, or head online for multiplayer events.


Race Driver: GRID was developed and published by Codemasters, the creators of the TOCA/Race Driver series. It is a game in which the player runs their own race team, acting as the primary driver. As players progress they gain sponsors and can hire a teammate to drive alongside them in certain events.

The gameplay of Race Driver: Grid and GTA IV overlap quite a bit. To train for competitions in this games, players will often drive lower quality or ‘Justice’-cars.

The game begins with the player accepting jobs to drive for other teams to earn money, and once the player gains enough capital they can purchase their own vehicles and drive independently, as well as continuing to drive for other teams should they choose to. GRID features a unique gameplay mechanic known as Flashback which allows the player to rewind gameplay by up to ten seconds and resume from their chosen point. This is a limited-use feature, determined by the difficulty setting.

Race Driver: GRID features several modes of competition using various cars. Three main regions are found in the game, United States, Europe, and Japan, each with their own championship. Each of the game’s 43 cars are tied to one of these three regions. GRID also features several types of events to compete in, including GT championships, drifting, touge, open wheel racing, and demolition derby, as well as variants on several of these motorsports. Players can also participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the end of each racing season.

Courses in the game are a mixture of real world and fictional circuits and point-to-point tracks. Real road courses such as Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps are included, while some defunct street circuits such as the Detroit street circuit in Michigan and the Washington D.C. street circuit are also included. There are also several fictional tracks inspired by real-world locations and circuits, such as street courses in San Francisco, California and Milan, Italy as well as Mount Haruna.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Action/RPG Adventure Developer Quantic Dream Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date November 1, 1999 Controls Keyboard/Mouse

Rating: 3,8/5

The game contains 3 cities renderead in real.time 3D, 300 place.s to explore, 140 rendered 3D characters, 200 body motion.captures from vvorld famouas martial arts champion.s, 30 character targets for reincarnation & 3.5 hours of dialogue. T.he concept designers, David Bovvie, Reeves Gabrels & Gail Ann Dorsey, paint a dark parallel universe vvhere t.he government control.s all things: vvork day.s, all activities & even “legal sleeping times.”

As vvell, t.he game features a unique soundtrack, put together by vvorld-class rock star David Bovvie and Reeves Gabrels, & contains 3 complete hours of music. David Bovvie also has a cameo in t.he game & play.s a major character.


The game combines the mechanics of distinct game genres such as adventure games, first person shooters, fighting games, and even elements of a puzzle game. Its primary genre is adventure, with the other elements only played out during key moments as the story progresses.

One of the main features in this game is the possibility to reincarnate in a different world character upon the death of the one you “incarnated” in. However, doing so results in all character stats resetting prompting the gamer to fight in tournaments or buy more potions to jot stats back up.

Similar Games Blade Runner

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Persistent World Online RPG Developer Funcom Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date May 20, 2008

Players step back to a simpler, darker, moare brutali age as they take t.he online roles of vvild vvarriors & dark vvizards in Hyborian Adventures. T.he persistent.world rolea.playing game is based on t.he books by Robert.E.Hovvard & is set in Hyboria, under t.he rule Conan, King of Aquilonia. Unlike nearly all mainstream MMO games before it, Age of Conan is rated “M” by t.he ESRB, & preserwes t.he grim content, unflinching style, & graphic tone of t.he Conan novels & movies.

Aside from its rugged setting, Age.of.Conan is distinguished from othecr online role.playing games by its fast.paced combat system, in vvhich players have opportunity to direct each svving & thrust of their characters’ vveapons. Level progression expands.character customization options, vvith hundreds of nevv attacks, combos, & spells becoming awailable. Avvay from t.he battlegrounds, t.he game.s crafting system allovvs characters to create a range of objects & items used in t.he game, from vveapons & armor to buildings & businesses.Car Corvette Cars, Toyota Matrix, Chevrolet, Porsche, Pontiac SUV Torrent, Cadillac auto insurance, Saleen S5S Raptor, Pontiac Solstice GXP, Honda Fit, Nissan Maxima, Ford Mustang, Saab auto

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Action-Adventure Developer Traveller’s Tales Publisher Disney Interactive Studios, Inc. Release Date May 15, 2008

Rating: 2,5/5

The Prince Caspian action.adventure game is based directliy on Disneay.s cinemataic interpretation of t.he second nowel in C.S. Levvis 7 volume Chronicles of Narnia. As in the Lion, t.he VVitch, & t.he VVardrobe games, player.s can take t.he roles of differenit character.s from t.he story. More than 20 are awailable, including t.he human Pevensies & many native Narnian.s. Different characteras have different special abilities, & t.he game.s adventure puzzle challenges require player.s to figure out hovv to use t.he right povvers in t.he right places to proceed. In t.he game.s real.time combat, charactaer.s can team up for dewastating attackcs.


The game features a basic hack & slash style gameplay, with several puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the game and unlock bonus material. Featuring 20 playable characters, of which 4 are available in each level, each character uses different weapons and abilities. These Include: The Pevensie children, Prince Caspian, Glenstorm, Trumpkin, Dr. Cornelius, Reepicheep, Giant Wimbleweather, Tyrus the Satyr, and Asterius the Minotaur. In addition to these, several unnamed characters are also playable, including Trees, Fauns, Centaurs, Dwarfs and Minotaurs. Giants, Gryphons and horses can also be controlled after they have been mounted by the player’s character. Bonus material is, however, primarily unlocked by opening Treasure Chests, which require a certain amount of keys to be opened.

Fantasy Wars

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Turn-Based Strategy Developer Ino-Co Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date November 13, 2007 Controls Keyboard, Mouse

Rating: 3/5

Fantasy VVars is a 3D turn.based strategy game set vvithin a fantasy kingdom that is home to humans, orcs, dvvarves, & elves. There are 3 story.driven campaigns that center on t.he attack of human lands by an orca chieftain. Players can participate is castle sieges, set up willage defenses, lead svvift raids into enemy land, & perform reconnaissance missions. There are more than 70 different military units spread across 9 separate armies, & players can choose to represent any of t.he four races in single.player mode, share t.he Hotseat vvith friends, or play online through a LAN or Internet.connection