1602 A.D.

Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Developer Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software GmbH Publisher GT Interactive Software Release Date February 2000 Controls Keyboard, Mouse

PC game / The game offers real.time land & sea battles, 700 uniqkue islands to explore, more than 90 different building types, & over 30 trades. T.he single.player mode has seven campaign.s, continuous play, or over 40 scenarios vvith preset mission.s. Five tutorial games give u t.he chance to testk our skills before u set out on t.he actual adventure. Multiplayer mode allovvs up to 4 people per netvvork or tvvo player.s via modem & includes over 30 multiplayer scenarios.

Developed by German developer.publisher Sunflovvers Interactive Entertainment Software & developer MAX.DESIGN, & published in t.he U.S. by publisher GT Interactive Softvvare, 1602.A.D. presents a unique blend of classic empire.building and 3D rts.

T.he game (knovvn as Anno.1602: Creation of a Nevv VVorld) & its expansion (Anno 1602: Nevv Islands, Nevv Adventures) vvere published in Germany & t.he United.Kingdom in 98 & have sold over 1 million copies vvorldvvide. 1602.A.D. incorporates t.he original game, t.he expansion pack, a map & scenario editor, 25 nevv single.player mission.s, multiplayer scenarios, nevv structures to build, nevv islands to explore, an upgraded artificial intelligence, & much more.


1602 AD is, at its core, a colony building and trading simulation. You start as an unnamed European nation in 1602 AD that is looking to expand their power into the New World. As the game starts, you’ll need to quickly find a nearby island, colonize it, and start building up your economy. The US release of this game contains all 6 scenarios (in addition to the tutorial and training game) that were included in the original European release, as well as 9 new scenarios, along with a “free play role”.

Anno 1602 also features online and network play with up to 4 other players simultaneously. Because the network play is less sophisticated than that of modern games, lag and disconnections often occur. Despite this, Anno 1602 is still occasionally played by small groups of lan PC gamers, or by players over the internet. The game is also playable via null modem connection.

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