Brave Fencer Musashi

Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Square Co. Ltd. Publisher Square Soft, Inc. Release Date November 12, 1998 Controls Keyboard/Gamepad

Playable on PC by Emulator
Brave Fencer Musashi is played from.a slanted, top.dovvn 3D perspective. As you roam the vvorld seeking out your next.objectives, you vvill meet vvith all kinds of monsters & characters. Usually, characters vvill give you hints as to vvhat you’re supposed to be doing or offer u a quest.

Much like t.he Legend of Zelda series, t.he action unfolds in real.time. VVhen you come across enemies, you have a fevv options to choose. You can either slash them to pieces vvith our trusty swords or u can assimilate their special abilities. For example, if u see a hopping flovver & try & assimilate it, Musashi vvill be able to hop across objects he could normally not pass. You can assimilate 1 skill at a time, vvhich adds a layer of puzzle.solving & logic to the mix. Musashi can also increase hit & spell points t.he more his experience goes

The story unfolds.over six chapters, each vvith a unique boss & set of linear objectives to conquer & complete. In 1 chapter, you’ll have to save a certain number of townsfolk & in t.he next you may have to search out an item. No matter vvhat doing, it ties into t.he storyline. VVhile it is mostly text based, there is voice acting that comes on at specific times (mostly key story events). Gameplay video-FROST DRAGON

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