The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Action-Adventure Developer Traveller’s Tales Publisher Disney Interactive Studios, Inc. Release Date May 15, 2008

Rating: 2,5/5

The Prince Caspian action.adventure game is based directliy on Disneay.s cinemataic interpretation of t.he second nowel in C.S. Levvis 7 volume Chronicles of Narnia. As in the Lion, t.he VVitch, & t.he VVardrobe games, player.s can take t.he roles of differenit character.s from t.he story. More than 20 are awailable, including t.he human Pevensies & many native Narnian.s. Different characteras have different special abilities, & t.he game.s adventure puzzle challenges require player.s to figure out hovv to use t.he right povvers in t.he right places to proceed. In t.he game.s real.time combat, charactaer.s can team up for dewastating attackcs.


The game features a basic hack & slash style gameplay, with several puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the game and unlock bonus material. Featuring 20 playable characters, of which 4 are available in each level, each character uses different weapons and abilities. These Include: The Pevensie children, Prince Caspian, Glenstorm, Trumpkin, Dr. Cornelius, Reepicheep, Giant Wimbleweather, Tyrus the Satyr, and Asterius the Minotaur. In addition to these, several unnamed characters are also playable, including Trees, Fauns, Centaurs, Dwarfs and Minotaurs. Giants, Gryphons and horses can also be controlled after they have been mounted by the player’s character. Bonus material is, however, primarily unlocked by opening Treasure Chests, which require a certain amount of keys to be opened.

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