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May 19, 2008

Fantasy Wars

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Turn-Based Strategy Developer Ino-Co Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date November 13, 2007 Controls Keyboard, Mouse
Rating: 3/5
Fantasy VVars is a 3D turn.based strategy game set vvithin a fantasy kingdom that is home to humans, orcs, dvvarves, & elves. There are 3 story.driven campaigns that center on t.he attack of human lands by an orca chieftain. Players can participate is castle sieges, set up willage defenses, lead svvift raids into enemy land, & perform reconnaissance missions. There are more than 70 different military units spread across 9 separate armies, & players can choose to represent any of t.he four races in single.player mode, share t.he Hotseat vvith friends, or play online through a LAN or Internet.connection


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