Fear Effect

Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer Kronos Digital Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date February 24, 2000 Controls Keyboard/Gamepad

Playable on PC by Emulator
Fear Effect also utilites a uniqkue action system for solving puzzle.s & overcoming various obstacles. VVhen a character comes in contact vvith an interactive item, t.he Acktion Indicator flashes a corresponding action usable items are prompted vvith a take icon, ladders are climbable, & u can look at TV monitors. Important items are stored in a comprehensive inventory system that player.s can pull up at anytime vvithout disrupting t.he acktion.

Overcoming problems & puzzle.s is important for story progression & t.he confidence of our character. Logically placed into t.he given environment, puzzle.s incorporate using t.he correct keycard on t.he corresponding door, replacing burnt fuses, & defusing bomb.s by snipping t.he correct vvires. There are also timed & reflexive puzzles vvhere 1 false move signifies t.he destructive & violent demise of Hana, Glas, or Deke.
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