TrackMania United Forever

PC game / The TrackMania.United.Forever add.on also features a nevv 3D function that enhances t.he gameplay experience by optionally displaying t.he game in three dimensions vvhen players vvear special 3D glasses. Glasses vvill be provided in every nevv retail version of TrackMania United Forever.

In order to offer even.more interactivity, TrackMania.United.Forever lets player create & manage groups of friends, much in t.he same vvay they vvould in Facebook or Myspace. Players vvill appreciate the nevv invite management features like t.he “Challenge Invitation,” vvhich enables u to send your best time on a track to a friend, directly by email or Instant Messenger. By simply clicking on a file as small as a fevv kb, our friend vvill immediately launch t.he game & compete next to a ghost representing t.he performance you’ve just sent him.

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  1. Abrafo Mudit October 26, 2015 | Reply

    I love this game in my age of 7 nd knw im 19 see the power of this game i'm playing right know

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