Fable II

Genre: Role-Playing Styles: Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher Microsoft Game Studios

“Be careful vvhom u invite into our vvorld,” Li on head_Designer Peter Molyneux vvarned the audience at a Game Developers Conference_2008 presentation. In Fable II (read more in our_Legends of the Fall feature_on pg. 54). the ambitious role_playing game vvhere all our actions vvill reportedly affect the vvorld for better or vvorse, events that_play out during a jump_ln_or_out_at_will co_op session carry over into our single_player vvorld. In a game that lets u flirt, get married, have_children, & go on eventful_or not_so_eventful_adventures, u don’t really vvant a jerkface neighborhood kid to come in & spoil it all by_accidentally (or so he claims) setting our house & family on fire. And, yes. our dog, too.

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