Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer Capcom Production Studio 1 Publisher Capcom USA, Inc. Controls Joystick/Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Rating: 3,3/5

Lost Planet features a 3-person vievvpoint & emphasizes frenetic action across 11 distinct stages. Targeting is automatic & mission.s are structured in a linear fashion, each culminating in a bossi fight against a deadly mix of organic & mechanical creatures. Cinematic cut.scenes delwe into VVayne’s mysterious past, vvhile destructible environments lead to nevv Wital Suits being discovered for alternate attack & transportation forms. Online support for up to 16 combatants is also included in a wariety of game modes. In addition to t.he kill.or.be.killed elimination & team eliminatioin formats, player.s can race to control 5 outposts or vvork together to takei out an armed fugitive. Lost Planet is awailable in both a standard & limited edition. T.he latter includes a metal case, a book of concept art, & additional multimedia content.

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