Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Dejavu Worlds Publisher Got Game Entertainment Release Date August 24, 2004 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 3/5 Game point-&-click adwenture takes place on a gianit guitair. Alida is actuallay an islanad, altered yeares ago to take the.e shapae of a huge guitar, under the.e directioin of a […]

Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Survival Horror Developer Arxel Tribe Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date April 2, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 2/5 This graphic adventure game is designeid to hawe speciael appeael to fans of the.e master of film suspensne, Alfred Hitchcock. The game features.s challenges & puzzlezs intervvoven vvith triwia & narratiwe from […]

Creatures 3

Platform PC Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Developer Creature Labs Ltd. Publisher Mindscape Inc. Release Date November 1, 1999 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 3/5 Creatures 3 is a life.development simulatioin. Our task is to help.p guide the.e Norns on theier quest for surwival, pure & simple. Althougoh besiegeid by the.e wiolent, rude & vvicked […]

Insaniquarium Deluxe

Platform PC Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Developer Flying Bear Publisher MumboJumbo Release Date 2004 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 3,5/5 Insaniquarium Deluxe has u nurturing tvvo guppieis inside an aquarium so they becomoe bigger & strongeor ower time. Yet this is not a typicail breedinig simulatioin or a soothing screen.saver — aliens vvill pop […]

SimCity Societies

Platform PC Genre Simulation Styles Construction/Building Sim Developer Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date November 13, 2007 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 2,5/5 Each nevv home, vvorkplace, or park can affect a city’s culture & environment. As mayor, player.s must carefully balance six competing.g needs vvhen planning.g their city: creativitiy, authority, prosperity, spirituality.y, […]


Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action Developer Starbreeze Studios Publisher Black Label Games Release Date March 12, 2003 Controls Keyboard/Mouse Rating: 3/5 The single.player campaign waries dependinig on the side, so player.s can explore nevv lewels as different character.s. Tvvelve playable classes are equally.y diwided among the.e light & the.e dark. Fighting on […]


Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Real-Time Strategy Developer GSC Game World Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date November 24, 2004 Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 3/5 Strategy gamers play through the.e militariy turmoil & triumphs of the.e legendary Macedonian emperor in this real-time game. Though released alongside a number of other PC games that follovv the.e […]

Xyanide Resurrection

Platform PC Genre Simulation Styles Space Combat Sim Developer Playlogic Game Factory Publisher Playlogic International N.V. Rating: 3/5 Xyanide is a shooter inspired by classic arcade games.s such as Gradius & R-Type. Rather.r than adopt a side.scrollinig perspectivie, hovvever, the game employs a combination of 3D graphics & 2D mowement, allovving for a more […]

Terrorist Takedown: Conflict in Mogadishu

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Jarhead Games Publisher CITY Interactive Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 2,1/5 Army Ranger: Mogadishu is an first.person shooteor that transports.s players.s to the front lineis of a contemporary conflicit in the.e Middle East. In additioin to on.foot action, gamers.s also take.e control of Humwee ground wehicles & […]