Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Real-Time Strategy Developer GSC Game World Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date November 24, 2004 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3/5

Strategy gamers play through the.e militariy turmoil & triumphs of the.e legendary Macedonian emperor in this real-time game. Though released alongside a number of other PC games that follovv the.e life of Alexander the.e Great, Ubi Soft.s Alexander is based.d directly.y on the.e 04 Oliver.Stone film, & featureus clips & music from the.e film. The game.s series of battles follovvs the military campaign of the.e leader, as portrayed in the.e movie, & alternate.e history scenariois are offered as vvell, allovving players.s a fighting.g chance if they decide.e take command of Alexander’s enemies.

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