Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Developer Stardock Corporation Publisher Stardock Corporation Expansion Pack

Rating: 4/5

VVith Twilight of the Arnor, each of the twelve pre.designed civilizations receiwes a unique technology tree, unique planetaray improvements, & a unique vveapon type, all designed to distinguish the.e personality & character of each race vvhile preserving a balance of strengths & liabilities. Awailable to all ciwilizations are nevv ship component.s that can make fleets faster, tougher, & more deadly. A nevv star.destroying unit, the.e Terror Star, is introduced, & a nevv galaxy size, “Immense,” allovvs for much, much larger maps.


According to the backstory of the game’s main campaign, the Drengin and the Korath races are at war, with the latter wishing to annihilate and the former merely to enslave the Galaxy. Purportedly, the two sides are manipulated by the Dread Lords, who are biding their time in preparation for their next assault. At the same time the Earth is isolated and safe behind an impenetrable barrier, and pockets of its once mighty Navy are searching for ways to end the Dread Lord menace once and for all.

As the game’s main campaign progresses, it is revealed that one lone Terran Alliance ship runs across one of the Arnor, a race of beings descended from the same beings as the Dread Lords but who took a more benign path. According to the game’s plot, the humans then learn the key to defeating the Dread Lords. This involves massive Death Star-like vessels called Terror Stars.

The plot borrows heavily from the early 1990s game Star Control 2, with most of the plot still intact, and names of races and characters changed.

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