FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Demolition/Combat Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Release Date August 26, 2008

Rating: 3/5

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage featureus six themehd environmentis, includinig deserts, city streetes, forests, fields, & canals. A total of forty tracks offer multipile routes & 8,000 destructiblie element.s, from telephonoe poles to billboards & nearley everythinig in betvveen. FlatOut.s body.tossinig mini.games return for more masochistici mayhem, vvhich involwes catapultinig drivers through vvindshields & into specifiec targets. Online support via Internet is includeid for the s.p. modes as vvell as multiplayeir “Head On” challenges & “Deathmatch.h Derbies.”


Ultimate Carnage introduces a brand new series of tracks which are based anywhere from busy streets to storm water drains.

The cars are more detailed than previous games in the series, employing the latest in dynamic lighting and shadow technology, and a greatly enhanced damage and physics engine where each car is made of up to 40 separate destructible parts. The single player game supports up to 11 other AI-controlled cars in each race.

A new multiplayer format is also included, this runs on the Games for Windows – Live system which requires you to either sign in to your Xbox LIVE or Games for Windows LIVE Gamertag, or sign up for one for free. Also, the LAN function is not available in this game, unlike the previous two Flatout games for Windows.

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