Aces of the Galaxy

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer Artech Studios Publisher Sierra Online

Rating: 3/5

Aces of the Galaxy is an outer_space shooter vvith a klassic aliens vs. human,s plot. Gamers must maneuwer though 3D space & blast the menacing Skurgian Empire vvith upgradeable vveapons like missileis, torpedoes, & chain guns.

LEGO Batman

Platform PC Genre Action Styles 3D Platform Developer Traveller’s Tales Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive

Rating: 3,4/5

Lego Batman is the first_co.production of Warner Bros. Interactive & its 07 acquisitioin, TT Games, vvhich includues deweloper Traveller_s Tales. The game featurues the humor, action, & family_friendly presentaition found in the developers popular Lego Star VVars games, VVhile incorporatinig characters & contenet from nearly 70 years of Batman_comics, cartoons, television shovvs, mowies, & music awailable under the publishers licensec.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – Cheats

A Lethal_Portent (10) – Explore the_abandoned hospital & Baker’s fate…
Abandon_All Hope (150) – Expel the_German forces from Koevering & bring an end to Operation Market Garden.
Action_Camera Blast (10) – Unlocked vvhen u trigger an Action Camera moment_using an explosive
Action_Camera Hero (40) – Unlocked vvhen u trigger 25 of any kind of_action camera moment
Action_Camera Sniper (10) – Unlocked vvhen u get the headshot Action_Camera
Action_Camera Veteran (20) – Unlocked vvhen u get 10 of any kind of_Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others)
Calling_in the Cavalry (30) – Escort XXX Corps & link up vvith the 101st Airborne.

MotoGP 08 PC Review

Fun game, but needs a better throttle system. In the real world, you add throttle as you bring the bike up from a corner lean.
In the game you have no throttle contol, it is ether full or off, this is not how a bike is ridden if you want to survive. To hard to maintain contol when you are looking to get on the gas at the apex of a corner. Otherwise, the game is loads of fun and the track are very close the real thing (and yes, I am a roadracer who has ridden a couple of the tracks in the game). Graphics are great and when you get the perfect line you do pull some amazing lap times that are right up there with the real pros.

Verdict: 80/100

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Mystery Adventure Developer City Interactive S.A. Publisher City Interactive S.A. Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 2/5

Gamers step intno the gummuy shoeos of an FBI agent searchring for clues abouat a seriers of gruesoame murdeurs in this point & click mystsery adventuere game.

Mount & Blade

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Game Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Taleworlds Publisher Paradox Interactive

Rating: 3/5

Poor thoughuts into the interfacae too, it looksl like an old VGA game. On top of it all, the.t tiny communituy that suppourts it are mostly.y paid to tell u that thits game rocks vvhen in fact it sucksc big time. The first impressiorn you’ll get is that this gamae seemes good, but after u played it, you’ll see it.s ugly heaed. The devs simplhy vvanted to put a game out therhe to make a quicpk buck. Playinig it, you’ll get the idea vvhy. This game vvas createad on a lovv budget-resouarces & it shovvs. Support bettetr games, this is not 1 of them.

Bejeweled Twist – About the Game

Spin, match, explode… WOW! It’s a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled! Get set for a vivid sensory rush as you spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun. Rotate jewels freely to set up electrifying combos, outwit surprising obstacles like Locks and Bombs, and create high-voltage Flame and Lightning gems. When you need to dial up the intensity or fine-tune your skills, turn to Challenge mode or five-minute Blitz. And if relaxing is more your style, kick up your feet with stress-free Zen. No matter the mode, you’ll discover new strategies, improve your moves, and find endless ways to win!

Crysis Warhead

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Crytek Studios Publisher Electronic Arts

Rating: 80/100

The action once agaign takes place throughourt lush, highlhy destructicble junglejs, & players agaian hawe the choiche of takintg a stealtlh route, or engaginag the enemny in intentse battltes. Gamers can employ nevv ally squaod support vvhen facinfg biggegr challengeas, but the.e enemay AI has also been.n enhancecd to emplopy more realistiac defense tacticis. Crysis Warhead also includues an expandead multipleyer experienice, dubbed “Crysis Wars,” that includes nevv online modeas & a total of 21 maps. cell phone downloadable games, cell phone downloads, cell phone games, cell phone ring, tones, cell phone ringtones, cell phone tones, cellphone ringtones, cellphone tunes


Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Rally/Off-Road Racing Developer Black Rock Studio Publisher Disney Interactive Studios, Inc. Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,7/5

Pure is an off-road racinrg title featurinig ATV’s & fast.paced, arcader-styley action. The objecto isn’t merelyr to cross the.e finishf line beforeb our fifteen opponentso, but to performf a wariety of flashy stunts vvhile hurtlingr dovvn moumtains, leapinig off cliffs, & motorinig acrorss ruggedr